Physiotherapist WS-2


Oral Presentations

Chair: Emel Sönmezer

09.30-09.45 Is there a relationship between pelvic floor muscle strenght and pulmonary function in middle age women without pelvic organ prolapse ? / Presenter:  Manolya Acar Özköslü

09.45-10.00 Correlation of pelvic floor muscle strength with clinical findings. / Presenter; Bulut Varlı

10.00-10.15 Assesment of incidence and risk factors for female sexual dysfunction in Turkish woman, a pilot study. / Presenter: Kazibe Koyuncu

10.15-10.30 Investigation the effectiveness of exercise and ergonomic modifications training programme on depression, disability and quality of life in postpartum women delivered by ceserean section. / Presenter: Tuğçe Bayram

10.30-10.45 Test-retest and Inter-rater reliability of five times sit to stand test in pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain / Presenter: Semiha Yenişehir

10.45-11.00 Turkish version of prolapse and incontinence knowledge questionnaire: psychometric assessment / Presenter: Semiha Yenişehir    

11.00-11.15 The effects of kegel exercises on stress urinary incontinence and quality of life; a pilot study / Presenter: Ayça Aklar Çörekçi

11.15-12.00 Questions

12.00-13.00 Lunch Break 


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